Many companies offer boiler and cooling tower chemicals, and we are justifiably proud of our ability to custom-blend products to specifically address problems created by a wide variety of water-quality related conditions. However, WLFT takes the extra step that some companies cannot offer in addition to custom-blending, we offer commodity products in bulk or drum quantities for many processes conventional water treatment companies won’t touch.

Cooling Water Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors

Cooling water programs are traditionally designed with two prime objectives:

  1. Keep plant systems free of scale and corrosion
  2. Provide safe, cost-effective system operation

Our product line of corrosion and scale inhibitors improves heat transfer, minimizes downtime, and helps reduce total operational costs. Your WLFT technical representative will take the time to explain the options available and recommend products and/or equipment designed to optimize cycles of concentration and minimize the effects of scale and corrosion. Factors such as influent water chemistry, plant operational modes, water and wastewater costs, equipment conditions and municipal concerns will be evaluated and discussed with your staff before program implementation.

WLFT microbiocides are specifically designed to control fouling and under-deposit corrosion in air washers, cooling towers, chillers and heat exchangers. WLFT offers both oxidizing and non-oxidizing microbiocides as well as bromine products and feed equipment for applications where system pH and/or exposure to sunlight renders sodium hypochlorite less effective as a biocide. Bromine is often the product of choice for swimming pools, hot tubs and cooling water applications where legionella control is a prime consideration.

Our product line is expansive and our Research and Development team constantly searches for new ways to benefit our customers. For instance, WLFT now offers ATP testing methods for water system and surface cleanliness testing for food plants and/or any application where instantaneous results are required to show total disinfection. Plus, we have developed data that can be applied to ensure ongoing control of total bacteria levels in circulating systems. Ask us, and we will help you.

Water Cooling Tower

Boiler Compounds

Steam Boiler

Both commercial and industrial steam and hot water boilers are becoming sophisticated and complex. With energy costs rising exponentially, it is now necessary to maintain the entire boiler and after-boiler systems to negate the effects of improper or neglected control. The bad news is that the days of “good enough is good enough” are over. Fortunately, WLFT can provide good news in the form of state-of-the-art products and equipment designed to protect steam and hot water boiler systems and help stretch maintenance budgets.

Our line of inhibitors and dispersants offers many different approaches, from all-organic polymer products designed for high-pressure applications, to phosphate/polymer products for soft water applications, to carbonate cycle products for un-softened water. We can also provide you with a line of “all-in-one” products designed for low pressure boilers with high percentages of condensate return.

Plus, our line of neutralizing and filming amines and oxygen scavengers will protect your condensate and steam lines as well as your deaerator and feedwater lines.

When our products are implemented, both costs and headaches can be significantly reduced. Isn’t it time to investigate a total management approach to your plant’s preventive maintenance program? Call us. We will show you how easy and cost-effective it can be.

Condensate Return Line Treatments

One of the most misunderstood issues in many plants is steam line and condensate line corrosion. At WLFT we have developed a wide range of treatments to combat corrosion. Our family of products offers many different blends of neutralizing amines and filming amines designed with boiler pressure, run length and vapor/water ratio in mind. We can even provide you with volatile oxygen scavengers for control of oxygen in steam lines.

However, no condensate line treatment will function properly if steam traps are either blowing by or non-functional. Excess iron returning in the condensate can foul both containment vessels and boiler tubes. Plus, the energy losses, condensate line failures and increases in treatment costs associated with malfunctioning traps are sometimes the largest single unnecessary expenses a plant can assimilate. WLFT can test all your steam traps, identify the bad ones and give you a record to be included in your PM program. Then, if you choose, we can select and install the proper traps to bring your system back in shape.

Coagulants and Flocculants


WLFT coagulants and flocculants are carefully selected products manufactured by some of the largest and best names in the business. These products, combined with our ability to apply them, are what make Walter Louis a step ahead of the competition. We have a broad range of inorganic coagulants such as PACs or polyaluminum chlorides. There are many variations of this chemistry, and our offering covers all of them. We also provide organic coagulants such as poly-DADMACs and polyamines with varying molecular weights. Our flocculants offer the full spectrum including dry, emulsion, dispersion, and solution polymers. Polyacrylamides are good examples of these.

Industrial Microbiocides

Control of bacteria and single-celled organisms in open recirculation systems and closed systems is necessary for control of possible waterborne diseases and corrosion. WLFT offers a full line of solutions individually designed to fit your particular mode of operation, no matter what pH range or water chemistry you employ.

Legionella bacteria are widespread in our natural environment and can cause legionellosis, a pneumonia-like disease that can be fatal. Any water system that produces water vapor can become a source of infection if not properly treated. Showers, fountains, waterfalls, cooling towers or other water-misting equipment can be contaminated. Our properly applied programs can provide that extra level of protection by minimizing the potential for legionella colony growth.

Three major treatment modes are represented by the WLFT family of products:

  • Non-oxiding biocides
  • Oxidizing biocides
  • Biodispersants

Along with applications and diagnostic expertise, we offer critical analysis to assess metallurgical compatibility, microorganism identification and deposit control. We specialize in reducing high maintenance costs and unscheduled outages by maintaining the reliability of your systems’ performance.

Let us help you keep your equipment safe, clean and longer lasting.

Water Cooling Tower

Miscellaneous Chemicals

Need to store your cooling towers for winter? We can help reduce needless damage to internal surfaces caused by oxygen contact, thermal shock or internal corrosion. Our water-based rust preventives leave a very thin, transparent monomolecular film on the metal surfaces of cooling tower lines while preventing biological attack/degradation of inhibitor.

Have a boiler you want to lay-up wet for an extended period of time? WLFT Boiler Banking is the ideal product to stop oxygen pitting, maintain alkalinities in the boiler and prevent corrosion. Plus, when you’re ready to fire the boiler again, merely return the water level to desired level and start producing steam. There’s no need to drain and refill. Boiler Banking is compatible with virtually all types of treatment programs.

Looking for premium grade heat transfer fluids? WLFT THERMAL-GUARD inhibited ethylene and propylene glycols are formulated to provide the most complete thermal protection for your HVAC systems and engine jackets. Learn more (PDF).

WLFT maintains a stock of many different types of commodity chemicals, including bulk sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, filming amines, cleaning chemicals, phosphatizers, metal etching solutions, acid cleaners, flocculants, retention aids, pool stabilizers and laboratory reagents of all kinds.

Plus, since we ship on our own trucks, you are not subject to the vagaries of trying to get products from a common carrier. Just call us and we will see that you get what you need when you need it.